1. I’ve lived all over Australia – Perth, Melbourne, even Ballarat, but I’m currently based in Brisbane.

2. I can work anywhere – the internet allows me to work with clients wherever I have a connection.

3. I’ve had some interesting jobs – at a dance music label, laser tag centre, pole dancing studio, museum…

4. I’m a certified health coach – on July 2 I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition!

5. I love Brussels sprouts – it’s true, and I honestly get excited about pretty much every vegetable. Except potato.

6. I’m a qualified personal trainer (almost) – once I complete my work placement hours, then that’s it!

7. I have five tattoos – including a koi fish, a pole dancer, and a reminder about the good things in life.

8. I’ve been writing this blog for almost six years – and my passion for health started even before that!

9. I’m something of a competitive cook – you name it, I’ll attempt it. I’ve even made a Turducken.

10. I love to make healthy meals and snacks – I’m working on a collection of a few easy recipes to share.

How many of those things did you know already? Tell me if you were surprised by any of them!

For the next 21 days I’m taking part in the Flourish Online 21 Day Blogging Challenge. I have no idea what’s in store but the idea is to just “show up and do the work”. I hope you enjoy what comes out of it! Please leave a comment if you drop in.


Yesterday I traveled up to Noosa to visit a lovely friend for her birthday, and was delighted to not only spend time with her man—an old friend of mine—but meet her lovely group of girlfriends. Aside from an awesome night, one too many champagnes and a hot tub hangout, I got to hear about all of the amazing things that these women have achieved and aspire to, and witness the support and love they have for each other. Just beautiful. I was also treated to a lift home and a gorgeous soul-chat with one of them, which inspired me so much.

I appear to have a surplus of love at the moment, so I thought I’d spread it around a bit in the spirit of  Self Love Saturday. After a night away I was pretty happy to see my love and showered him in kisses and compliments. This afternoon I sent a gushy email to the writer of a wonderful poem, and love notes and compliments to friends via Twitter. It feels good to share the love! Try it next time you need a lift, and make sure you’re giving yourself the same treatment too.

What is “pretty”?

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healthypartygirl.com - Baring Teeth

Can you imagine not smiling for six years? I can. For the six years after I turned 21, I avoided showing my teeth and felt self-conscious smiling, avoiding photos where I was laughing, talking and heaven forbid, smiling. I smiled with my mouth closed in an awkward and unnatural way, and even in photos for social media and professional profiles I refused to bare my teeth.

For years before I even got braces, I avoided being photographed side-on as I hated my profile. Yes, hated. I had an overbite that was pronounced enough that I could fit three fingers in the gap between my top and bottom teeth when my jaw was closed. When I was nine years old it was decided that I would begin the long and costly orthodontic process to correct my overbite and straighten my barely-crooked teeth. Read More →

healthypartygirl - Chocolate Coconut Protein Balls

I don’t know about you but when it gets to 3:30pm, I get hungry. The problem is, mid-morning and mid-afternoon are the best times for me to train, energy-wise. So I’m dealing with an extra energy-depleted body, and the need for me to get something edible into my mouth as quickly as possible after training is pretty high. Hangry, anyone?

Imagine if you could carry around a tasty treat that was going to keep you going until your next meal and help recover from a training session? Even better, imagine if you could just eat cookie dough and choc-coconut balls, no one would judge you, and it would actually be considered a “health food”. This topsy-turvy paradise-like world is actually reality. Read More →

healthypartygirl.com - Buona Pasqua

I love good food, it’s no secret. I love cooking and I love eating, but most of all I love a good occasion. We just scored a four day weekend for Easter and most of the dancers went home to see family for a short trip but we stayed in Brisbane. Since there wasn’t anyone to have over for dinner, we enjoyed a four course Pasqua (Easter) feast, just the two of us.

We enjoyed a restaurant-quality meal at home and it wasn’t difficult or expensive to make, and I bet it has a bunch more nutritive quality than the average restaurant version too. Trigger warning: this meal was affectionately known as Carbapalooza so if you’re on a low carb diet and struggling, do not read on! Read More →