Finding the Paddle

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Have you been hit with social media fatigue?

There must be something in the air amongst my social networks, because people are bailing from them left, right, and centre. High-profile coaches have deleted their social profiles, taken purposeful breaks from their blogs, and gracefully handed over their digital reins. Even amongst my friendship groups I have noticed a shift away from Facebook and other platforms. I’ve always balked at the idea—especially now it’s my business AND my connection to my home city—until now. Recently I’ve been scrolling through BlogLovin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, […]

Why work with a coach?

Working with a health or life coach is just like working with a personal trainer, sports coach or yoga teacher. Sometimes we need guidance from coaches or mentors in our lives, and there are many different kinds. Health coaches can help you make healthier choices, life coaches can guide you through challenges in your life that just need a little extra support. There are also business coaches, blog coaches, wealth coaches and spiritual practice coaches. My amazing coach, Tara Bliss, is a life coach who specialises […]

Weekly gems: issue one

Every Sunday for the next little while, you can enjoy a few of my fave finds from the week. Last time I was blogging regularly, I was sharing my monthly collection of ‘Stuff I like on the internet’. Lots of bloggers have posts like Things I Love Thursday, and I think it’s great to share some of the positive things and fun finds from around the place. It’s Active Nation Day today! If you’re still recovering from Grand Final Day, I get it. This is pretty much how […]

Making wealth a by-product of your desires

Do you desire wealth? Many people do. But have you ever considered what it is about wealth that you desire? You may have a goal of earning $150,000 per year, having $50,000 in savings or shares, owning your own home, or inheriting the will as your key indicator or wealth. However, people that achieve these goals aren’t necessarily happy or satisfied. Often they are over-worked, stressed, miserable, or overwhelmed. If you saved up $50k but were miserable and isolated for two years doing it, scored […]

Soul searching, finding purpose, and saying no.

  I’ve spent much of the last few days in deep thought and soul searching to some degree, along the lines of “what am I doing with my life”/ “what is my purpose”. Looking at my skills and interests, I concluded that coaching is definitely what I should be doing and I’m on the right track. Much of my other projects are fulfilling prior obligations, and collecting extra knowledge and expensive pieces of paper. The uncertainty comes from a fear of putting myself out there to […]

My core desired feelings

On my 27th birthday in July, I spent some time in meditation and deep thought, journaled, and arrived at four themes that I felt would guide me through the next year of my life. I didn’t realise how quickly and deeply they would shape my actions and what would come into my life after declaring them to the Universe. In fact, I posted these four on Instagram in the evening on my birthday: Freedom, Intuition, Confidence, Grace. Last week, when I realised how much they have influenced […]