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I’m not much of a runner. Even so, running habits are something that I have always admired in others and I’m acutely aware of the benefits. I’ve always wanted to be able to run 10km so when the Medibank Bridge 2 Brisbane Training Guide landed in my inbox, I got the push I needed.

A little event (haha) that I’ve been working on called Ekka made sticking to the training plan slightly harder than I imagined. While I have had the odd training session, my ability to run the distance required to meet each week’s Sunday long run—let alone the 10km race on September 7th—has been dubious at best. If I wasn’t staying late, I just wanted to get home rather than detour via the gym. I certainly wasn’t running in the dark before or after work. Read More →

Sometimes the hardest part of making a positive shift is knowing where to start. It can be overwhelming when there are a number of changes to make or even when there is one big one. If you want to adopt healthy habits that will last, then the easiest way to do it is by making small, gradual changes. Don’t expect too much from yourself too soon, it does take some time for new behaviours to become habits.


Intention: Firstly, figure out what you’re trying to achieve and set your intention clearly. If your goal is to lose weight, then know how much and by when. If your goal is to have more energy or reduce the symptoms of a condition, make sure you have clear markers of success. Read More →


1. I’ve lived all over Australia – Perth, Melbourne, even Ballarat, but I’m currently based in Brisbane.

2. I can work anywhere – the internet allows me to work with clients wherever I have a connection.

3. I’ve had some interesting jobs – at a dance music label, laser tag centre, pole dancing studio, museum… Read More →


Yesterday I traveled up to Noosa to visit a lovely friend for her birthday, and was delighted to not only spend time with her man—an old friend of mine—but meet her lovely group of girlfriends. Aside from an awesome night, one too many champagnes and a hot tub hangout, I got to hear about all of the amazing things that these women have achieved and aspire to, and witness the support and love they have for each other. Just beautiful. I was also treated to a lift home and a gorgeous soul-chat with one of them, which inspired me so much.

I appear to have a surplus of love at the moment, so I thought I’d spread it around a bit in the spirit of  Self Love Saturday. After a night away I was pretty happy to see my love and showered him in kisses and compliments. This afternoon I sent a gushy email to the writer of a wonderful poem, and love notes and compliments to friends via Twitter. It feels good to share the love! Try it next time you need a lift, and make sure you’re giving yourself the same treatment too.

What is “pretty”?

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Can you imagine not smiling for six years? I can. For the six years after I turned 21, I avoided showing my teeth and felt self-conscious smiling, avoiding photos where I was laughing, talking and heaven forbid, smiling. I smiled with my mouth closed in an awkward and unnatural way, and even in photos for social media and professional profiles I refused to bare my teeth.

For years before I even got braces, I avoided being photographed side-on as I hated my profile. Yes, hated. I had an overbite that was pronounced enough that I could fit three fingers in the gap between my top and bottom teeth when my jaw was closed. When I was nine years old it was decided that I would begin the long and costly orthodontic process to correct my overbite and straighten my barely-crooked teeth. Read More →