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In this video, ‘One Minute Anatomy Lesson’ by Wendy Bryan from I Heart Guts actually explains what the spleen is for and gives a one-line synopsis of almost all of the organs in the body, with assistance from her range of anatomy plushies, The Guts Gang. Too cute!

In the I Heart Guts online store, you can pick up plushie organs, t-shirts, badges & pins, stickers & temporary tattoos and much more, for anyone who might need an anatomical pick-up (literally or figuratively), or someone whose guts you just love.

My favourites

Heart of Gold

Baby’s First Roommate

Mean Spleen Fighting Machine

Womb Service

Plus there’s a great chart with cute illustrations of the important organs and glands of the body. Super timely as my glands are up at the moment so I’m hiding from the world at home and drinking lots of herbal tea. Check out Wendy’s amazing illustrations, learn more about the body via the website and also marvel at the wonderful, cheerful uses of these great organ characters in her not-for-profit work.

Love your guts!

Don’t forget to love your own guts, especially your intestines, by including foods in your diet that contain probiotics (good bacteria) such as fermented milk drinks, tempeh, yoghurt, kimchi, kefir and kombucha. You can also assist the probiotics along with foods containing prebiotics, including onions, leeks and celery, wheat bran, soy beans, rye based breads and bananas. Prebiotics are indigestible carbohydrates that nourish the probiotics allowing them to survive in the gut for longer. Drinking plenty of water helps a lot as well!

What organ would you like to give to whom, and why would you give it to them? - natural cold & flu remedies

Last week I came down with a pretty gnarly cold;  sore throat, blocked and runny nose (How does one have both a blocked and runny nose!?), muscle aches, wheezy cough, lethargy, and a head full of yucky stuff. Needless to say I was sidelined most of the week.

I haven’t been sick since I moved to Brisbane, or had to visit the doctor; I’m physically fighting fit. Needless to say I was pretty surprised and bummed out, but favouring natural health since I avoid the doctor or pharmacist unless I’m really quite ill, I recruited some of the best natural cold and flu remedies to help fight the bug.

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to join a group of lovely ladies in Brisbane for a rock climbing session thanks to the crew at Urban Climb. I used to go climbing a little in Melbourne when I was in my late teens and early twenties but hadn’t been in years. It was something different and V was away last weekend so I was happy to do something with a new crew, even just to get myself out of the house.

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I understand self-worth to be the value that you place upon yourself and how you see yourself, rather than how other people see you. Unfortunately, my concept of self-worth is still tied up in my accomplishments and the expectations that have been placed on me by others.

For Uni this week, I read an episode transcript of the Health Report, which was on the topic of self-esteem and self-worth. In the interview, Kent Harber—Associate Professor in Social Psychology at Rutgers University—described the concept of self-worth as viewing oneself as a ‘good, capable, able person’, but also included social support and the perception of adequate attainable resources as contributing factors to the feeling of worthiness or self-esteem.

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