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Melancholia @ The Dax Centre, 19/05/2011

One of my friends is the Collections Manager at the Cunningham Dax Centre in Melbourne and invited me to the opening of a new exhibition entitled Melancholia, whch she has been working on. The Dax Centre houses the Cunningham Dax Collection, which comprises 15,000 creative works by people with experience of mental illness and/or emotional trauma, collected by Dr Eric Cunningham Dax between the 1950s and the 1980s. It is one of the three largest collections of its kind in the world, including the Prinzhorn […]

A trip to veggie Heaven AKA Vegie Bar

Friday night I had gone out for a friend’s goodbye party and we’d ended up having a few beers and heading into the bar he works at for a few cheap drinks after that. Anyway, we ended up heading across the road to yet another bar once the staff had finished and then playing pool at yet another bar still, before getting junk food and walking home at around 4 o’clock in the morning. I had made the very wise decision of staying at my […]

Winter Warmers

I freaking hate Winter. Seriously. I hate it with a passion. It’s cold, the days are shorter, it’s windy, rainy, overcast and so many people get the winter blues. Winter makes me homesick for Perth and makes me miss Summer. But there are a few things that I do like that help me get through the cold months. Like my birthday! Smack bang in the middle of July and guaranteed to be cold. But also things like red and mulled wine, warm blankets and TV […]

Monk Bohdi Dharma – Breakfast Degustation

I freakin’ love breakfast. What could possibly be greater than a breakfast degustation  at a specialist coffee and tea house that specializes in sustainable healing food. I shared the very first Monk Bodhi Dharma breakfast degustation with two lovely foodie ladies (Gem from Eat, Drink, Stagger and Tresna from TresnaLee.com) for $30 it was an absolute steal! I’m pretty much going to let the pictures speak for themselves. In the interests of page formatting I have slightly changed the order of the dishes, so I […]

Attica: Experimental Tuesdays

I know I’m supposed to be on a budget, but when the opportunity came up to have dinner at Attica on their half-price Experimental Tuesdays, one of my besties and I made good on our promise to each other for a fancy meal adventure and booked a table. Five courses for $80 is much friendlier on the wallet than the usual $140 for 8 courses and we got to sample their new seasonal creations. Tuesday Night Chef’s Table Ben and his kitchen team use Tuesday […]

Friday night drinks – Little Lonsdale Street

There’s a few things that are a surefire way to draw me into an establishment and that’s Happy Hour or doing something completely different. I’m going to get away with writing this on a Tuesday night because I went to all of these places last Friday after work. In fact, it appears  that I only moved between three places within a 100 metre stretch on Little Lonsdale Street in between Elizabeth Street and halfway to Queen Street. Such are the joys of Melbourne. As it […]